ORC in a nutshell

A brief introduction to Otaniemi Roleplaying Club, written by our information officer Jarno.


Members of ORC or 'orcs' are a group of students and graduates from Aalto university and some other odd-balls who all are connected with interest in RPGs, LARPs, boardgames, miniaturegames and all things related to them. Even if you are interested only in one or two categories, don't be afraid. Only a few of us do attend all of them.


Most visible part of ORC's activities are our ongoing gaming evenings. They are held on Tuesdays and Fridays in Jämeräntaival 3 A gaming room, starting at 5pm. We also have sauna evenings (like gaming evenings, but longer and with sauna and snacks for student friendly fee) and game camps (pelileirit) (like saunas but whole weekend and without organised snacks).


  • Game Evenings
    • Jämeräntaival 3 A gaming room (pelitila), Tue & Fri 5pm →.
  • More information of coming events on calendar page (currently available only in Finnish).

I recommend, as an elder, to attend (at least) to Fuksisauna, Howling the moon and Linnan vastaanotto. (Held during autumn.)


All students who apply are basically accepted automatically as soon as some need-to-do bureaucracy is done.

Membership fee is currently 15 euros for one year. If you join as a fresh orc in autumn, you get the autumn membership for free if you pay for next year.

You can apply for membership in http://orc.tky.fi/membershipform.php

What you get? Right to borrow books and board games from our library, 10% discount in some game stores and a warm, fuzzy feeling from supporting ORC.

Contact and information

As I said earlier our webpage's address is http://orc.tky.fi . You can reach leaders of the horde with email (orch (at) list.tky.fi). Many orcs also hang out in IRC (channel #orc @ IRCnet).

We'll inform forthcoming events in our members' email list (also summaries in english at least in every official email) and on our webpage under 'kalenteri' (calendar).

Welcome to ORC, we hope to see you playing with us!

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Logo: Ermo Seikku
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