In English - Activities Briefly

The activities of the wild and whimsical orcs are diverse and difficult to define. However, we'll try to cover the core of what they do as fully as we can.

Gaming Evenings

Many orcs, especially the young and restless ones, tend to measure their skills with one another in many different ways. In our gaming evenings you might see bloody conflicts in board games as well as collectible card games and miniature strategy games. The gaming evenings take place in the Learning Hub at Otakaari 1 twice a week, five o'clock on Tuesdays and Fridays. They often go on until the early hours.

Role Playing and LARPing

The orcs find it nice to gather together once in a while, to fight evil (elves for instance) and do the occasional heroic act. Role playing games are the perfect choice for this. Though rarely seen in the regular gaming evenings these days, the hobby is more than alive. Even though a newbie might find it difficult to find someone to play with, new blood is required on a regular basis. There have been games in English occasionally, so don't hesitate to ask for an opportunity to join the fun.

At times the orcs grow tired of their dusty tabletops and sweaty D20s and head for LARPs, short for Live Action Role Playing. Though regular guests in games of others, the orcs have been known to make a few events of their own as well.

On the Dance Floor

Though modern and intelligent in nature, many orcs grant special value to history, both real and imaginary. This fascination can be seen in the subject matter of many role playing campaigns and LARPs. In addition to this, the orcs tend to dance to the steps of their forefathers from time to time. The great festival of renaissance dances, Linnan Vastaanotto, is celebrated on the 6th of December (the Finnish independence day) every year.

Journeys to Distant Places

Orcs have never been a stationary people, and thus tend to regularly visit places outside the Otaniemi borders. A couple of times each year they travel to the old Luukki elementary school, where they spend all weekend playing, playing, taking sauna, and playing (a persistent rumor tells of an orc that actually slept as well). The traditional initiation rite, Kuutamoulvojaiset (roughly translated as “The Night When We Howl to the Moon”) takes places alongside the autumn Luukki trip (or gaming camp). Every now and then the road takes them even further - the peaceloving people of Estonia, for instance, talk with fear and panic about the occasional orc sightings on their lands.

Everyone Join in

To a newcomer, the orcs might seem like a cliquish, leery folk, concerned only by their internal plotting and intrigue. But in truth, they are always looking for new cannon fodd… new members to their warm and hospitable community. Feel welcome to come and see the orcish action for yourself, for example in the next gaming evening!

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